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The aim of the center is enriching the entrepreneurial culture and education for entrepreneurship among students, while encouraging the establishment of business and technology initiatives. The club is operated as a voluntary student body form. The objective of the center is “pushing forward” and help students on creating projects, initiatives and contacts with the industry.  We emphasis granting various tools in different fields of entrepreneurship, and the creation of networking with other entrepreneurs, students and business leaders and technology. Ultimately, the program will provide knowledge, tools, support and personal advice to train and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.


HuStart Is Haifa University Entrepreneurship Center. We emphasise granting various tools in different fields of entrepreneurship, and the creation of networking with other entrepreneurs, students and business leaders and technology.


HuStart provides various of networking options to students and young entrepreneurs.

Our Programs

HuStart operates special Programs in order to provide young students and entrepreneurs important education and important tools on their first steps in the entrepreneurship world. See more in Services tab.


HuStart mentors are sharing their success and their knowledge with our entrepreneurs.

Events & MeetUps

HuStart hosts events at Haifa University campus and takes a part in entrepreneurship MeetUps in Haifa in order to improve the entrepreneurship scene in Haifa. Follow our updates in order to get informed about the next events.


HuStart will provide its featured entrepreneurs a special accelerator program. HuStart accelerator contains a work place, personal mentoring and professional tools.

HuStart Vision

HuStart is the new entrepreneurship center in Haifa University; this new and exciting initiative is operated and coordinated by the students union. The Center’s goals are enriching the entrepreneurship culture and education, throughout the students, while encouraging and helping them to build technological and business start-ups.

The Entrepreneurship center is a voluntary initiative. We want to provide the students the tools they need in order to learn more about the entrepreneurship world, create new projects and startup, taking part in nationwide activities and contests, and get to know the industry.

We put much thought about the Center, one of our objectives is to provide the students the much-needed platform to share ideas, think together, develop together and network with each other and with leading entrepreneurs from the startup nation.

In the end of the day, the Center is providing knowledge, tools, guidance and personal consultation in order to culture and groom the next generation of entrepreneurs in Haifa University and in the young community of Haifa. 

HuStart Partners

HuStart Programs

So far, HuStart operates entrepreneurship programs, The first is a special program for young entrepreneurs from the first step (ceed) which took off last March with 20 students-entrepreneurs and will take a place again on October 2016. Our second program is entrepreneurship accelerator which planned to start on June 2016.


HuStart NEWS

בואו לשמוע על ההאקתון הראשון בהסטוריה באוניברסיטת חיפה

חברים יש לנו חדשות טובות.  בקרוב יתקיים האקתון בחיפה. ולא סתם, הוא ההאקתון יזמות טכנולוגית הראשון שנערך אי פעם באוניברסיטת חיפה ואנחנו מתרגשים לקחת חלק בהסטוריה. שריינו את ה-2-3.06! מה זה האקתון? המילה מגיעה מהשילוב של Hack ו-Marathon, כאשר הקונספט הוא מרתון פיתוח...

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HuStart invites you all to take a part in our activities! if you are a student, alumni, lecturer, Haifa citizen or someone who interested in entrepreneurship – press on the following button and wait for a call.


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