HuStart Entrepreneurship Programs

HuStart operates entrepreneurship programs, The first is a special program for young entrepreneurs from the first step (ceed) which took off last March with 20 students-entrepreneurs and will take a place again on October 2016. Our second program is entrepreneurship accelerator which planned to start on June 2016.

HuStart entrepreneurship programs

HuStart operates 3 kinds of entrepreneurship programs in order to provide the students and the Haifa youth great education and great tools on their first steps in the world o entrepreneurship.

HuStart operates a basic entrepreneurship course in order to promote the entrepreneurial culture in the Haifa University. That course is focused on education for basic tems of entrepreneurship and introducing the entrepreneurship world for students who are interested in. On the last course season, Haifa University combined us and provided 2 credit points to students who registered.


Opens every October*

HuStart operates an elite programs for young students-entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs who live in Haifa area. Our elite program is designed for only entrepreneurs who already have a basic entrepreneurial idea or young entrepreneurs who already introduced the wold of entrepreneurship and look for group partners. this program takes for 5 months and finishes in a demo day.


Opens every March and October

HuStart operates accelerator for entrepreneurs fro, our other programs who hold outstanding startups on the early stages. Our accelerator will provide the entrepreneurs a place, various tools and tight mentoring in order to accelerate their startups forward. The application to the accelerator is open only to HuStart alumni and our other programs members.


Opens for our pre ceed alumni only

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HuStart programs opens only for students?

No. HuStart is open to all: students, alumni, Haifa young entrepreneurs and also allows our program members to invite team partners who are out Haifa University community.

Can I receive an academic credit for HuStart programs

So far, no. HuStart provided 2 credit points on the last seasion of our basic entrepreneurshop education program but we will probably won’t repeat this offer. We believe that entrepreneurship has no academic grades.

Can I join HuStart without joining a particular program?

Yes. HuStart organized meetups and events focusing entrepreneurship in the Haifa University.

Is the HuStart registration required a fee?

Absolutely no. HuStart was founded and operated by the student union. Haifa univ. student union vision is focused on saving money for students.

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